McAfee MAV RetailCard – –

McAfee provides number of products to secure the systems from online attacks and to be the secure internet user. The McAfee MAV product is also one of the good launch of the McAfee to provide the systems advanced protection from viruses and to enhancement of productivity for the system’s betterment. The product shield the systems from assault of the malwares, spyware, trojan horses and other dangers which harms the systems data and sensitive information. It’s advanced features and protection ways make it the more recommended product of McAfee.

The McAfee MAV is the plus version of the software and you will find the steps of downloading and installation process of the software , you can find the instructions on the product box. McAfee includes the advanced and upgraded features or options for the subscribers of the mcafee mav retailcard and also users will get lots of custom options for configuring the software as per user’s system requirements & needs.

Advanced Key features of the mcafee mav retailcard

If you choose McAfee plus version for activation then you will find your system enables more security options and alerts to scan your system for better protection.

Have a look on the advanced feature list:

  • On the purchase of the single subscription you can protect your multiple devices within a single control panel and activation code.
  • You will be able to check your system’s real-time status and efficiency using the simple security management
  • Online data encryption make your system safe for doing online payments and transactions.
  • The anti-spam feature stops the spam email and junk which you get in your email id. The phishing technique is used to send spam emails and software blocks that spams.
  • For making you work continuity it adds the advanced ad-blocker option which you can enable anytime to stop the ad pop-ups.
  • In case, the hackers are succeed to hack your system then the software lock you system automatically and erase all your personal and sensitive data to make it secure.
  • The suspicious internet data and traffic hacked by the option of advanced customized firewalls options.
  • The parental block feature enable the child mode of the system to stops your children access the links which are age restricted.
  • Clear you mobile juck and keep it safe from using the single device subscription of the McAfee activation plus version.

There are more custom options provided by the McAfee MAV product which helps to protect systems.

Steps to Redeem McAfee MAV Activation retailcard –

To start the process of downloading and installation of the McAfee software you need to Redeem your mcafee retail card using the online method. Follow the below steps and complete the redeem process of the card:

  • Open the pre-installed and preferred browser in your system which you want to use to complete the process.
  • Paste the link on the url bar and click on the enter button. It redirects you on the redeem window of the MAV card.
  • Then, it asks you the information which is required your preferred email id and mcafee activate 25 digit code mentioned on your retailcard.
  • Insert the asked details and then click on the submit button. Wait for while, till you will get the messages on the screen to check the confirmation email.
  • Open your email id and check received email. Open mail and click on the verification link, which redirects you on the McAfee my account which is the homepage of the software of premium account.

You code is activated now and you will be the premium member of the McAfee activation plus version.

How to Download and install McAfee MAV product to user’s systems:

Hence, you have completed the Redeem of the card and get the premium subscription of the McAfee. You can choose your preferred and system specific software version from the menu of the McAfee homepage and can download it from there.

To download and install the McAfee MAV product you need to follow few steps:

  • Open the and login with the credential which you have created during the create new account process.
  • After login you will get a homepage window of your activated account. Find you selected product from there and then open the product description section to check is the product meets with your system configuration or not.
  • If it meets with your specification then click on the download tab. It starts the downloading process of the McAfee setup.
  • Wait for few minutes, to complete the downloading process. Then open your download folder to start the installation process.
  • Double click on the setup file to start proceeding for installation step, before getting start it asks you to read the software terms and conditions.
  • Read it carefully and then click on the checkbox I Agree. And then next.
  • Keep choosing your settings preferences and then next. Till the installation reached at its last step.
  • After completion is asks you to login once to get the access of the full protection. Login and do secure browsing.

When you login the asks you to start scanning the system instantly. It’s totally up to you that you want instantly and later.

Secure your systems from viruses and do your web browsing experience good & protected.