Why to use McAfee Mobile Security on smartphones?

The increase in the number of smartphones has prompted the growth of another related industry – mobile security. You may have used antivirus software to keep your computer secure and protected. Likewise, the security of mobile phones is also important and might require extra effort than what you may expect. Unlike computers, we tend to store a lot of personal and private information on our phones. This, in turn, could make it more vulnerable or exposed to various threats and unwanted attacks. To provide ultimate protection for your mobile life, you should get McAfee Mobile Security from McAfee Activate.


Why use McAfee Mobile Security?

Your phone stores information which is very personal in nature such as calendar events, photo album, address book, and even your digital wallet. Therefore, to ensure that your device and data is protected, you should start using McAfee Activate. In addition, it could allow you to work and play in your mobile device without worrying about malware and viruses. Using the advanced anti-theft and privacy protection technology, it might ensure peace of mind whenever you are on the go. Lastly, one of its best aspects is the intuitive interface and tutorials which are provided to utilize each feature. You can easily perform McAfee activation from

What are the features of McAfee Mobile Security?

McAfee activate offers one of the most feature-rich, user-friendly and ultimate protection for your smartphones. McAfee Mobile Security is a very popular and well-known antivirus solution which has been trustworthy for many users. Following are some of the excellent features which might make you buy McAfee Mobile Security to protect your smartphone.

  • Antivirus – With the Active Protection technology, McAfee Mobile Security can be activated from which can run deep-scan on your files, apps, SD Card and keep your device virus-free. It might also enable protection and guard your smartphone against malware and other online threats. Furthermore, it could help you stay connected to Wi-Fi with confidence and stop any unauthorized access.
  • Anti-Theft – When phone or tablet is lost, it is natural to feel shocked and alarmed at that moment. Thanks to the anti-theft technology of McAfee activate, it could help you locate and track your mobile device on a map. In addition, you might also be able to send an alarm to your phone through an online portal. If you are not able to find your phone anymore, there is also the possibility of locking, backing up and wiping it completely. This, in turn, may prevent the misuse of your personal data. Finally, to find your device faster, you can get a snapshot of the person holding your lost phone.
  • Privacy – Due to constant news of leaks and hacking, many people are getting concerned about their privacy. For these, users are more interested in applications which can help them to manage their security setting. In the case of McAfee Mobile Security, it could help you understand and manage apps on how they access your personal information. It may also ensure that your personal information remains in your mobile phones and prevent it from unauthorized access.
  • Performance – Using the Battery Optimizer, McAfee Mobile Security may boost your phone’s overall performance. Additionally, you might be able to easily access major features through a widget on your home screen.
  • Web Protection – When you are browsing the internet, it is important to differentiate dangerous links from a genuine one. With the activation of McAfee Mobile Security from, your smartphones may remain protected from risky links in emails and networking sites. In addition, it could allow you to shop, search and browse social media with complete security and ensure that you remain safe.

You might need an internet connection to get the virus definitions and security updates of McAfee Mobile Security updated. It may also provide regular updates to keep you safe from both existing and new online threats. Overall, it could provide ultimate protection from spyware, secure your device and apps and guard against unsafe websites.

Why to use McAfee Mobile Security on smartphones?

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