McAfee Retail Card – Redeem,Download,Install and Activate McAfee RetailCard

McAfee retail card is the most preferred and popular way used by the McAfee users to activate their software subscription successfully. The retail card is available on the McAfee retail stores on which you will find the software activation code on the back side of the card. The mcafee activate 25 digit code hidden in the silver lining on the card, you need to scratch it to find your code.

McAfee products are used to protect the system data and to boost the system’s productivity to experiencing software advanced features & options, you need to download, install and activate software using the activation code which you get on the McAfee retail card.

How to Redeem McAfee RetailCard

McAfee retail card have a 25 digit activation code which is in  backside of the retail card. The code will help you to get the McAfee subscription and to utilizing the software premium account for better usage of the McAfee antivirus products. And then if you want to learn how to redeem mcafee retail card follow the below steps and activate the software now:

  • Open your web browser and enter the link of the McAfee official website
  • It then prompt you to insert the 25 digit activation code in the on-screen window and also asks your email id.
  • Insert the code from your retail card and then click on the submit button.
  • You will now successfully subscribe the McAfee antivirus software and become the premium member of the McAfee software.

These steps will redeem your McAfee retail card and provide you the software full access and advanced features.

How to Download, Install and Activate McAfee RetailCard?

McAfee retail card available on the the retail stores of the McAfee software providers and also you will get the retail card online by visiting the online official website of software which is You can utilize all the features and advanced protection options to make your data protective from online attacks and viruses.

Steps of How to Download, Install and Activate McAfee RetailCard

  • Get your retail card from retail store and visit the to receive the 25 digit activation code online.
  • Redeem retail card by visiting the mcafee com activate, prompt the mentioned steps and insert the 25 digit code in present text box and submit.
  • Now, visit at the login or create a new account as per needed.
  • Verify your email id to access the on-screen page.
  • Then download the mcafee software setup by clicking on the download button present on the screen.
  • After download completion visit the download folder and open the setup folder click on the setup icon and proceed the further for getting the software.
  • Click on the I Agree checkbox to start installation of the software.
  • Prompt the steps and finish the software installation process.
  • Congratulations! Your software activated now. After installation it ask for starting the system scan instantly, you can choose it as per your needs.
  • If you want to scan the system click on yes or if you don’t want scan that time click no to skip the step.

Utilize the McAfee software advanced features access and protect your system form harms.

Are you facing any of Errors:

There are some common issues resolved by the retail card 25 digit code activation. The list of few common issues. Check if you are facing any of errors from below list.

  • System performance slow down
  • You system’s information not secured
  • Pop ups of the advertising keep interrupting your work
  • Your system OS corrupted
  • Sensitive data loss
  • Hard disk of the system crashed
  • Application not working or responding on time

And more system related problems if you facing choose the McAfee antivirus software for your system now and keep your system productive & protected.