How to Protect your connected device from getting hacked?

Before we go to bed, we always ensure to lock the doors and windows to keep us and our house safe from outside threats. Same can be said about your smartphone which can be taken advantage of by hackers. Over time, with the purchase of new devices such as a thermostat, smart speaker and fitness watch, we are expanding our digital ecosystem. Most often than not, those devices connect with your smartphone to receive commands. This opens an opportunity for hackers and malicious actors to steal your private and confidential information. It gives new entryways for cyber criminals into your life and your personal data. McAfee Activate might offer maximum protection to meet your antivirus and privacy needs.


How to protect new devices from unauthorized access?

  • Change factory settings – In the case of most new devices, the settings and overall features are protected with a default username and password. Hence, before start using any product, you should set a strong password to add an extra layer of protection for hackers. To make changes to your subscription for McAfee, you can go to
  • Protect home network – Whether we are at home or outdoor, most of the time our devices stay connected to the internet. In order to protect this connected life, you should secure your router with built-in network security. For added protection and security, you can get McAfee by going to
  • Regular software updates – When you ignore new software updates, it leaves your device vulnerable to existing and new exploits. This also makes it easier for hackers to cause irreparable damages. Therefore, make sure to install the latest updates to devices and security software when available. For McAfee Total Protection, you can visit McAfee My Account for the latest security updates.

What are the common issues in your smartphone?

There are many tactics used by cyber criminals that most people are not aware of. The scope and complexity of such mobile hacks are increasing with each day. Some of the common strategies used by hackers to attack your smartphone are listed below.

  • Hidden Apps – There are multiple apps in your mobile phones at this instant which you have not used for weeks. Due to this, hackers use such dormant apps to communicate with your devices and download and run malware in the background. It could also enable the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  • Fake Apps – When you search for popular apps in your phone’s app store, you may find hundreds of similar apps. Such apps are developed by fraudulent app designers which use your smartphone to collect money through invasive ads, install malware or spyware, and mine cryptocurrency.

What are the steps to protect your smartphone?

  • Stay alert – You should download apps which are provided by trusted, original stores. It is recommended to not click on links to other apps.
  • Avoid spam – Do not click on email links or pop-ups which can contain suspicious or fake attachments. You should delete and block spam emails and texts as soon as possible.
  • Disable and delete – When you are not using any particular app for a long time, you can disable and prevent it from connecting to the internet. On top of that, if you no longer use it, you could remove such apps from your phone and tablet.
How to Protect your connected device from getting hacked?

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